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Developing Confident Kids

A shift towards fostering healthy self-esteem and self-confidence has taken place across the education sector and within our own roles as parents over the last generation. And with good reason! Kids are more overstimulated, over-scheduled and plugged in than ever...

How Gross Motor Development Impacts Cognition in Kids

Watching your baby, toddler and pre-schooler develop is one of the most fulfilling elements of parenting. Long before they utter their first word or take their first steps, they are putting in the work to ensure that they reach each developmental milestone. While...

3 Easy Ways to Boost Immunity (that are fun and family friendly!)

Whether it’s the Winter sniffles, viral bugs brought home from childcare or a dreaded whole-family-gastro scenario, our immune system has a big part to play in helping fight off illness. An immune response can help protect the body from bacteria, viruses and germs....

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Our parties are heaps of fun for kids and easy for parents! Enjoy an acro, ninja or parkour party with your friends, all ages and levels of abilities can be catered for. You’ll enjoy having the whole venue to yourself hosted by our awesome Acro Kids coaches. So whether it’s a birthday or end of year break up you’re celebrating, we can’t wait to help you have an awesome time!